Working Monday 9-5 is not how most of us would prefer to spend our time but, for many, it’s a reality.

In December 2015 I quit my full time job to go travelling; I had a vision of travelling and working for a year in Australia but when I arrived in Sydney things didn’t go to plan and I found myself back on a plane heading towards the UK.

Now back in full time work, I’ve realised that I want to maximise the free time I do have and use it wisely. People can make money but they can’t make time.

Who wants to spend hours at the gym? Who has time to follow recipes with an ingredient list as long as your arm? And why on earth do we need to ditch gluten/sugar/fat to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Well I’m a firm believer in the motto ‘life’s too short’. So I calculated that I have roughly 30 spare hours Monday-Friday and this blog focuses on how I, and you, can fit more into your lives during the week and at the weekend.

So the 30 Hours doesn’t have to literally mean 30 hours. Think of it as a metaphor for all that time you may inadvertently waste through being unproductive and join me as I explore that precious notion of work/life balance – with a few ramblings of a 20 something thrown in for good measure.