Dating. I’m sure it never used to be hard in the ‘old days’.

When young, often the image of dating conjured up the scene in the film Grease where each girl is selected by a guy and whisked off their feet for a romantic dance. And no one was left behind.

The reality in the 21st century is a far cry from the portrayal of American High School Sweet Hearts at a 1950’s Prom.

But perhaps we do need to revere the fact that we have so much choice. We no longer have to rely on the talent within your village or town. Not only do we get to select a postcode, we get to select a radius.

Now fast forward to the Bridget Jones’ era. Then fast forward even further to the invention of Tinder and you arrive to the era of modern dating.

Or so you thought…

Tired of Tinder? 

Tinder was created in 2012 so is not even ‘so last year’ but more like ‘so 5 years ago’.

Modern dating moves quickly, so if you are hooked on dating apps but bored of just swiping then look no further…


Rather than matching on likes, you can now match on hates. Sign up  (only available on iOS at present) by using your Facebook and the premise is simple: you are presented with numerous topics and your job is to decide whether you hate it, love it, like it or dislike it.

The categories are updated daily and the app will start finding matches for you, whilst also giving you a compatibility rating. Like Tinder you still use the swipe left and swipe right function to filter out those you’re interested in and those that are a downright no.

This app seems like a fun, novel way of generating conversation starters. There also seems to be a bit of science behind it all; the creator Brendan Alper read in a study that people who dislike the same things form closer bonds with each other.


If you like to keep fit then Lime may be the app for you. Lime focuses on matching up people with similar exercise levels and by syncing the app with Google’s Fitness App or Apple’s Health App you can easily see fitness data, such as how many steps that person has done that day. Because, er, that is of greatest importance apparently…

Do not fear, the swiping element has not been lost in this app. Both individuals need to swipe right in order to connect with one another and you can easily see at any given time who is nearby. It even shows you how many steps away that person is. Can that be described as a little stalkerish, perhaps?

Time to throw away that gym membership and get moving?!


Connecting those with beards to those who want to stroke beards

Dating apps have officially become incredibly niche. Love ’em or hate ’em, beards are here to stay (although if you hate ’em then perhaps the Hater app is the one for you. You can then match with someone who will never crave the desire to grow a beard and you get to live happily ever after, bristle free).

The first question that the  Bristlr site asks you is ‘do you have a beard’. And off you go – this one doesn’t mess about.

Focusing on beards does seem very specific and the fact their website states that the founder created it as a joke does lead you to question how likely it is to find love. But with over half a million connections made, it shouldn’t be laughed at.

Just pray that you don’t connect with this guy:







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